Best General Boating Pages on the Web

These are some of the best Web pages that concern boating in general. There should be enough here to keep you busy and entertained for weeks if not months! And since these sites will change as their creators add new features, revisit your favorites now and again to see what's new. And be sure to keep an eye on the "What's New" page here where you'll find new boating Web pages as they become available.

Best General Boating Pages on the Web   Best General Boating Pages on the Web
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Best General Boating Pages on the Web

*  Boater's Toolbox
From the good folks at BoatU.S. Foundation, this is a great set of resources.  There's an online boating safety study guide, an interactive video tutorial on VHF/DSC radios, "21 Steps to Clean Boating," a bunch of free brochures, and links to their NASBLA-approved online boating safety course and their Courseline Online (find safe boating courses near you).

*  Coastal Navigation Course
If you don't know where you are (and wish you did), this home-study course should help.  You get a printed text/workbook, supplements (including training chart), online animated demos, e-mail instructor assistance, online quizzes, and a bulletin board for posting and replying to messages.  And you can even purchase a basic navigation tool set.  If you still get lost, sell the boat and take up knitting!

*  World Cruising Guide
If you have experience cruising to far off places, visit and share information for others who have yet to enjoy cruising there.  Tell about good anchorages, where to catch the bus, find a laundry, get your camping gas refilled, what to see and how to get there, where to eat or find the best supermarkets, and personal experiences such as excursions to historic sites and attractions, pubs, clubs, beaches and all the other information that is normally not included in pilot booksand any other information that could be useful to cruisers approaching an area for the first time.  And if you don't know where in the western Mediterranean there is a good paella restaurant just a stone's throw from a nude beach, I'm not telling (but you'll find it on this website).

*  eiNET Boating Links
As the Internet grows, so too do the websites with links to everything but the kitchen sink (and sometimes that's in there too).  Here's one with roughly 5,000 links, but it's a different kind of beast.  Sites have to pay a fee to get listed, which means you tend to get a lot of commercial websites.  But an interesting feature is that the resulting listings are rated with stars (no indication who does the rating or what it means, but some sites have more stars upon thars, and that has to be good for something, right?)  More than 800 sailing links, 600 paddling links, 60 waterskiing links, even 5 links for hovercraft enthusiasts (almost more links than there are enthusiasts!).

*  Search for Boats
If you're hoping to locate or identify a documented boat, BoatInfoWorld is the place to start.  You can search on boat name, ZIP code, city, county, state, ship builder, owner's last name, and owner's company name.  Would you believe there are actually THREE documented boats named "Cirrhosis of the River"?! It gets worse, folks!!

*  State by State Information
Oh joy!  Who but a boater could get excited about a website that provides information about launch ramps and marinas all over the country?  Or yacht clubs all over the world?  And more: each state link leads to all kinds of additional links to state agencies including the state's boating law administrator (the source of definitive information on everything related to boating in that state).

*  Steam Tug Baltimore
North America's last operational, hand-fired, coal-burning tug is 100 years old!  The last steamboat out of Baltimore harbor, this tug -- built in 1906 -- is representative of tugboats that worked America’s ports from the mid-19th century until well into the 20th century.  Very few remain; of those, the tug Baltimore is the only one known to be still under steam.  Everything's here -- original plans, historical notes, photos of her restoration, and more.  We should all look so good at 100!

*  Boating Sidekicks
Superb boating website for kids from the National Safe Boating Council.  Cartoons, coloring pages, quizzes, word games, dot-to-dot, jigsaw puzzles, and MUCH more -- all presented in brilliant colors with great animation.  If your children go boating, definitely visit this website and bookmark it!  The opening cartoon has an important safety message, but after you've seen it once quickly click on the logo to go to the main website at

*  BoatingABC Message Board
More than 400,000 messages on all aspects of boating (general, beginners, lifestyle, improvements, water sports, fishing, engines and drives, maintenance and repairs, electronics and other gear, trailering and towing, float plans, and other stuff).  There's room for more so jump in!

*  Cruisers' Forum
And if you're a cruising sailor (or wannabe), you'll find 150,000 messages here on topics ranging from general sailing and sailboats, through bluewater cruising and cruising destinations, equipment, living aboard, crew wanted/available, and on to some free classifieds.

*  Boating America: Inland Lakes and Rivers Trailer Boating
Trailer boaters unite (others welcome too)!  State-by-state lake information (plus the Mississippi River), weather, some nice links, tips and gadgets and hard-to-find parts, trips for trailer boaters, news clips, and a special section on trailer boating for beginners.

*  Boating Newsgroups
You can get answers to darn near ANY boating question from the folks who frequent the various boating-related Usenet newsgroups.  Unfortunately, most are not moderated so there's the predictable garbage that you have to sort through.  But there's gold in them thar hills!  The link above will take you to all of them.

*  BoatSafe
Great educational website.  Online boating courses (basic, coastal navigation, boating for kids, and more coming).  Hundreds of boating tips, boating stories, FAQs for kids, a handful of useful links, and another handful of useful merchandise.  Well worth spending some time browsing around.

*  The Boating Channel
The precursor to a television network dedicated to a water based view of the planet, this website is another of those with something for everyone.  There are lots of commercial links as you would expect, but there are also up-to-date marine news articles (live news feed from AP), stories, information on new boating books, special reports (have you ever wondered why freshwater fish drink through their gills whereas ocean fish use their mouths to drink?), tips from the National Safe Boating Council, and general information on the marine environment.

*  Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace
A "veritable cornucopia" of information for the boater of whatever persuasion.  As the name suggests, there are manufacturers' links (including wooden boats, airboats and submersibles and engines), used boats for sale, and links to new boat dealers and brokers.  But that's just the beginning.  There's also excellent information on marine surveys, associations (including one-design), boat shows, charters and rentals, Coast Guard sites, equipment and parts, marinas, marine art and photography, marine museums, stores and nautical books, surveyors, model and radio-controlled boats, online magazines, rowing and paddling links, instruction, sailmakers, stolen boats, research and design, windsurfing, and more than 1,000 yacht clubs.  There's probably more but I'm exhausted already!

*  BoaterEd
A unique website that is primarily a message board for anything and everything nautical moderated by some great folks.  More than 800,000 messages (no, I've not read them all!) on nearly 80,000 topics including nearly 100 topics devoted to women boaters.

*  Discover Boating
The site is part of the National Marine Manufacturer's Association's "Grow Boating" campaign which is intended to attract new participants to boating.  The site is intended to help current boat owners and those interested in becoming boaters to get the information they need to enjoy the pastime.  It includes tips on buying the boat that best fits your lifestyle, a directory to find the dealer closest to you, information on where people can boat, instruction on boating safety, and a glossary of the different types of boats.  "Talk to Todd" provides a place to ask questions and there's even a finance calculator that will figure out loan payments.

*  BoatingNews
The latest news and information on boating, sailing, PWC, paddling, water-skiing, scuba diving, builders, parts, charters, safety, maintenance, classic boats, magazines, docks & lifts, marinas, clubs, sailboarding, regions, waterfront properties, dealers, organizations, waterways navigation, charts, hovercraft, trailers, paints, motors, drives, outboards and so much more.  Plus a classified section to sell almost anything nautical.

*  Boat Owner's World
Boat Owner's World is a virtual Internet encyclopedia with thousands of links to every water related recreational activity: boating, sailing, PWC, paddling, water skiing, scuba diving, builders, parts, charters, safety, maintenance, classic boats, magazines, docks & lifts, marinas, sailboarding, boating regions and more.

Comprehensive boating website with the emphasis on sailing.  Daily boating news from around the world, weather, feature articles, columns (photos, videos, racing, etc.), regional directories, dock swap, software, and even a search engine for ferreting out boating sites on the web.

*  BoatingOnTheWeb
Matt Stehouwer's boating website with links to other excellent sites, an outstanding directory of marinas throughout the country (with listings also for Canada and the Carribean), and a couple of dozen classified ads.

*  Essential Boating on the Web
Nice website that links to some of the best boating webpages on the Web.

*  NOAA/SARSAT Website
International search and rescue website with excellent information about emergency beacons, satellites, rescue coordination centers, and lots of other good stuff including accounts of recent rescues (which have links to some great graphics).  Write to the address given for a free information packet which includes the bumper sticker "Support Search and Rescue -- Get Lost"

*  The Powerboat Guide
The Powerboat Guide is an outstanding reference source for information on powerboats; it is described here and can be ordered online.  Nearly 100 manufacturers are included, and extensive information (including evaluation and pricing information) is included for literally hundreds of boats.  Also contains "frequently asked questions" related to boat buying.

*  U.S. Naval Institute
Massive storehouse of information and photographs on just about everything imaginable relating to naval and maritime services and sea power.  Includes a bookstore and a photo ordering service!

*  Powerboat Cruising
Excellent site for those interested in coastal or bluewater powerboat cruising.  Information on outstanding cruising powerboats, a bookstore, boats for sale, information on cruising locales, navigation, electronics, publications, weather, links to other Web sites, and a photo gallery.  And for Macintosh fans: Macintosh nautical software!

*  SeaTow Web Page
Along with the expected information about towing and salvage, you'll find a treasure chest of boating information including boating safety, proper radio use, quizzes on every aspect of boating from the USCG test question database, marine weather and lots more.

*  NauticalKnowHow
Excellent boating safety information including a weekly question on nav rules, checklists and float plans, a safety tip of the week, an online Basic Boating Safety Course and much more.

*  Boater's Resource Center
Excellent boating safety source with information on safe boating, navigation, weather, tides, seamanship, magazines, communications, electronics, manufacturers, marinas, associations and a message board.

*  Nav Rules Program
Windows program that provides the full text of the navigation rules as well as training and testing on lights, shapes and sounds.

*  Yachting Magazine
Yachting Magazine online.  Excellent site with buyers' and charter guides, weather information, yachting events and news, powerboating and sailing forums, and links to lots of other sites.

*  Yahoo Web Page
Search on "boating" to find links to every conceivable boating Web site.

*  John Kohnen's Boating Page
"Billions and billions" of links here to nautical booklists (fiction and nonfiction), sources of information about recreational boat building and design (everything you could ever want to know!), and just about everything else boating-related.

*  West Marine
In addition to an online catalog with tens of thousands of items available to order, West Marine provides all kinds of boating information and links to boating sites.

*  Boat/U.S.
Boat/U.S. home page with an online boating safety course, regional boating information, classified ads, boating forums, publications, a lot of links to other boating sites and much more.

*  Commander Bob's Web Page
Excellent, entertaining Web page with lots of good, original boating safety information.

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Specific Boating Locales

*  Great Lakes Information
Excellent information for boaters on the inland seas.  Real-time data of relevance to boaters provided by webcams, current conditions at half a dozen stations, water levels (present and past), and satellite data.  And there's a lot more of general interest.

*  Trent-Severn Waterway
The beautiful Trent-Severn Waterway extends 240 miles between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay.  It's familiar to any boaters traveling the "Great Loop" and enjoyed by many more boaters whose cruises are less ambitious.  Everything you could want to know is here -- information on locks, marinas, lodging, dining, shops, services and attractions along with dozens of great photos.  The website is free.  The boat.....not!

*  California Boating
If you do your boating in the San Francisco Bay area, check out this site.  Hundreds of miles of waterways are easily accessed.  Just click on the map map and open up a detailed chart of an area with links to harbors, landings, marinas, resorts and more.  Slick as a whistle.  And when you've covered the whole bay and are looking for more distant horizons, point your browser to and check out boating for the whole state.

*  U. K. Canals
Extensive information on the inland waterways of the United Kingdom.  Waterways, mooring facilities, clubs, guides, and more.

*  Boat Washington
A cornucopia of great information for boaters in the state of Washington but with something to offer boaters elsewhere too.  For Washington boaters, there's a marina directory, classifieds, a forum, boating news, river levels, weather information, tides and currents, Local Notices to Mariners, information on ramps, pumpout locations, and links to USPS/CGAUX websites with information about planned courses.  For everyone, there's an online boating safety exam, links to online charts, a set of boating safety tips, and links to other safe boating sites.

*  BoatEscape
And not to be outdone, there's a boating website for boating in Oregon!  You can search lakes, rivers, campgrounds, and marinas and when you find something interesting pull up details including area maps, current weather, and information on boating, camping and marinas there.  The site is topped off with a message board, calendar of events, boating safety information, fishing reports, boating regulations, fees and more.

*  Sausalito Bay Adventures
San Francisco Bay boat rentals, tours and charters, even photo shoots and chase boats.  Chart of the Bay, tourist destinations, restaurants, photo gallery, weather conditions, tides and currents, even a webcam!

*  Lake Tahoe
The complete guide to boating Lake Tahoe -- anything you might want to know about boating on Lake Tahoe is here, including a live lake cam for those who can't get away!

*  San Juan Islands, WA
Good source of information for the San Juan Islands -- marinas, charters, books and guides, diving, ground and air transportation, weather.  It's all here.

*  The Georgia Boater
Even I can figure out that The Georgia Boater is dedicated to the Georgia boating community with an emphasis on education.  Information on lakes, state and federal regulations, safe boating (navigation, fueling, float plan, anchoring, ground tackle), weather, lake levels and stream flow, directories, online shopping, a live camera, an event calendar, and a whole bundle of contributions from visitors (photos, trip reports, etc.).  Sure would be nice to see something like this in every state with any significant boating activity!

*  Arizona Jet Ski
And you thought Arizona was arid!  Some of the information is specific to Arizona, but there's a lot of great general information here for the PWC crowd including links, safety information, information on the new models, etc.

As you'd guess from the name, this is the guide to boating in the Boston area including north shore and south shore.  It's all here -- weather, local boating news, launch ramps, new businesses, fishing, Boston Boater magazine, state laws, location of pump out facilities, and everything else imaginable (except for instructions on how to dump tea into the harbor).

*  San Francisco Sailing
Everything you'd need to know about sailing in the Bay -- guide to the Bay, flea market, weather, crew lists, calendar, business index and more.

*  California Delta Boating
Guide for boating, fishing, cruising, water-skiing, windsurfing, swimming or just messing around California's 1000-mile Delta waterway system.  The waterway system is a lazy labyrinth of rivers, sloughs, cuts and canals available to everything from sailboats to motoryachts, from nimble runabouts to dawdling houseboats.

*  Indiana Waterways Association
Directed by Jerry Hay (of Wabash Queen fame), this site is dedicated to the preservation, safety, and enjoyment of rivers and streams in and bordering Indiana, including waterways in other states that confluence with those in Indiana.  Includes some great links to other boating sites.

*  Capt'n Clint's Place
Clint Chamberlin's super website has extensive boating information for the Chesapeake Bay area.

*  Northwest Boat Travel On-Line
Regional boating site (Northwest - Washington, B.C., and Alaska) that is the online companion to Northwest Boat Travel Guide, the best selling and most up-to-date guide to the Inside Passage.

*  Lakeland Boating
Outstanding online companion to the Great Lakes boating and travel magazine, featuring Great Lakes-area boating news, abstracts of this month's features, a back-issue index, and advertising and subscription info.  Also includes searchable database of new and used boats, calendar of Great Lakes events, a boater's forum, links to other Great Lakes sites, a Swap Meet, and a printable float plan.

*  Texas Sailing News
An online sailing magazine for the southwest.  Whether you're a weekend novice, a salty live aboard or a die hard racer, there's something here to enlighten, entertain or amuse you.

*  Internet Boats
Free boat classifieds for California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.  Also boating events, basic boating information, and links to selected boating sites on the web.

*  Chesapeake Bay Boating Guide
Guide to Chesapeake Bay boating including marinas, boat launches, destinations, bay information and weather, and more.

*  Eastport, Maine Website
Those interested in the Eastport, Maine area, boat yards, boat building, yacht design, cruising, voyaging, living aboard, and art with a Coastal Maine orientation are invited to explore the resources at the MacNaughton website.

*  Australian Boating
Everything you need to know about boating, fishing, diving and chartering in Australia right down to maps and guides and local weather.

*  HoloHolo Hawaii
Hawaii ocean kayaking page which also provides lots of information about boating generally in Hawaii -- weather, beach guides, surfing and sailing information, yachting and more.

*  Chesapeake Bay Net
Comprehensive directory to the Cheasapeake Bay area.

*  Oregon State Marine Board
Extensive information about boating in Oregon as well as some links to a half dozen other key boating Web sites.

*  Continuous Wave.
Jim Hebert's boating page with excellent information on Lake Huron's North Channel as well as other Great Lakes boating and weather information (and a couple of selective links to other boating sites).

*  Chicago Paddling/Fishing Web Page
John Nelson's Chicago page covers sailing, canoeing, fishing and lots of other stuff.  Great clickable map to get further information on lakes and rivers in the area.

*  Rideau Canal Waterway
Ken Watson's unofficial Rideau Waterway page.  A beautiful waterway and a great Web page.  If you've got a sound card and JAVA enabled browser, make sure everything is turned on -- there are some special effects here!

*  Abacos Bahamas Site
Information, news, weather and stories about the beautiful Abaco Islands in the Bahamas.  Also send e-mail to people cruising there!

*  Great Lakes Vessel Passage
Wonderful site with everything you'd ever want to know about Great Lakes shipping including photos, information about vessel passages, facts and figures, history, and links to other excellent sites including a virtual tour of a Great Lakes steamer.

*  Mark Rosenstein's Regional Sailing Resources
Links to dozens of Web pages describing sailing in various locations around the world.

*  Corps of Engineers Inland River Home Page
Excellent collection of navigation and river-related maritime information including map of inland waterways, access to federal databases, navigation rules on the waterways, etc.

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Weather and Tides

*  Wind and Wave Forecasts provides global 7-day wind and wave forecasts to help sailors with their passage planning and weather routing.  Before and during deliveries, ocean races, regattas, cruises, and all other types of offshore passages, the whole route is covered.  Includes a special Gulf Stream forecast as well as specific forecasts for the waters on which the major sailing races are held.

*  John Kohnen's Weather and Tides Links
As usual, John has links to just about every relevant website in existence (in this case, weather and tides).

*  WWW Tide/Current Predictor
Basic tide/curent predictions as well as the ability to customize the data and the appearance to meet your personal needs./DD>

*  Free Tide/Current Software
WXTide32 is a FREE 32 bit Windows program (9x, NT4, 2000, ME, XP) for displaying predicted tides and currents for about 9,800 locations around the world through the year 2038.

*  NOS Tides Online
NOS tide predictions along with winds, air pressure, and air temperature for past 48 hours (tides include predictions for the next 24 hours).

*  Marine Weather Web Site
Outstanding, comprehensive, easy to use marine weather information.

*  The Weather Channel
Weather Channel information as well as local conditions and 5-day forecasts throughout the country.

* Weather Page
Fantastic weather Web page with links to just about every other weather page on the Web.  If you can't find the weather you're looking for here, you don't need to know about it!

*  Ohio State Univ. Weather Page
Excellent weather site with comprehensive marine weather information as well as other data.

*  National Data Buoy Center
Click on a region of the world map and then select from among weather buoys displayed on a large-scale map of that area.  Get up-to-the-hour information on temps, winds, barometer, water temperature, waves and more.

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Nautical Books and Reading Lists

*  Nautical Book Lists
Link to the McWilliam nonfiction list, Kohnen's fiction list, mail order sources, book reviews and articles, as well as requests for assistance with a list of books not yet annotated.

*  The Tarboard
A discussion page for Arthur Ransome fans.

*  The Arthur Ransome Society
Everything you could want to know about Arthur Ransome and his perennially popular children's boating books (including the "Swallows and Amazons" series).

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Nautical History, Shipwrecks, Etc.

*  John Kohnen's History Pages
Long, loooooong list of links to nautical history websites.  If you have a year or two to explore, this is the place to start!  And when you're done here, point your browser to John's museum links and settle in for another year or two.

*  Mariners' Museum Home Page
Wonderful, diverse maritime museum located in Newport News, VA.  Web site provides a glimpse of the artifacts, photographs, and library holdings and all kinds of related information.

*  Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Home Page
FAQ and guided tour of this marvelous museum with all kinds of maritime displays (regional as well as more general) spread among multiple buildings.

*  River and Rowing Museum
River and Rowing Museum at Henley-on-Thames, UK.

*  Guide to Historic Wrecks of the United Kingdom
Guides to wreck sites designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act of 1973.  Includes information on each wreck.

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Miscellaneous Specialized Boating Internet Resources

*  Riverboat Dave's Paddlewheel Riverboat Site
You have to see this fantastic website to believe it.  Absolutely everything you could ever want to know about paddlewheel riverboats is here.  You can find biographical information on riverboat captains by name.  Learn about riverboats according to the rivers on which they operated.  Find information about riverboat owners.  And, of course, get detailed information on every riverboat that ever was.  There's more: bits and pieces of riverboat lore, early steamboat navigation, books on riverboats, links to other riverboat sites, historic movies starring riverboats (no, not African Queen!), life on a riverboat, riverboats in the Civil War, and on and on.  As I said, you've got to see it to believe it!

*  NOAA's Office of Coast Survey
Electronic charts, Coast Pilots, Notices to Mariners, and print-on-demand up-to-date charts -- it's all here.

*  NOAA Online Chart Viewer
NOAA lets mariners display [almost] any nautical chart using only an Internet browser.  Charts are updated to include Notice to Mariner corrections.  The viewer is remarkably fast, you can zoom in to see small details, and you can pan up and down, side to side.  Slick as a whistle!  And while you're there, you can download Chart No. 1, a form to report chart discrepancies, and a link to the online Coast Pilots.  As the song says, "Who could ask for anything more?"  [Requires Adobe Flash Player which can be downloaded free.]

*  Ropers Knot Page
Once you've got the square knot and clove hitch mastered, you're only just beginning.  You won't believe how many ways there are to tie knots, but they're (mostly) all here.  There's the girth hitch (something we could all use, right?), gallows knot (no comment), the Huffnagle ("for heavy shock leaders to class tippets" whatever that means), thief knot (not to be confused with the highwayman's hitch), the jug sling hitch....and of course the knot to forget (you'll have to find it for yourself, but you already know it).

*  Astronomical Applications
Celestial navigation data and lots more from the US Naval Observatory.

*  Marine Navigation Calculators
Dozens of online marine navigation calculators from NIMA.  Includes logarithmic and trigonometric functions, celestial navigation calculator, conversions (chart scales, nautical and statute miles, meters/feet/fathoms), distance calculators (vertical angle, two bearings, TSD), weather (temperature, pressure, true wind, relative humidity) and finally sailings calculator (Great Circle, Mercator).

*  Nautical Gifts
More than 1,000 nautical gifts including lighthouses, clocks, art, jewelry, ornaments, furniture and more.

*  Personal Watercraft Conflict Resolution
This site, sponsored by the U.S. Power Squadrons, provides useful information about programs effective in helping to resolve disputes about the use of public waters, including issues relating to the use of personal watercraft (PWC).

*  Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey
Superb resource for lighthouse fans.  A massive list of nearly 400 lighthouses (arranged alphabetically and geographically) including information about each light and stunning color photographs, a lighthouse bibliography, and a log of Don and Diana Carter's travels to photograph the various lighthouses.

This is the site for antique (pre-1940) inboard marine engine enthusiasts.  Classifieds, message board, historical information, technical articles, shopping for books and plans and catalogs, and even engine identification.  On top of all that, schedules of boat shows that include antique marine engines and links to other related websites.

Free photo classified ads for any marine engine and lots, lots more.

Free photo classified ads for any pre-1970 powerboat or parts.  Antique, historic, classic, or just an old boat.  Post and edit your own ad for parts, selling a boat or buying an old boat, and everything in between.

*  Charts Online
Navigation charts viewable online.

*  Island Hopping
Steve Pavlidis' website is designed for island hoppers, those with a love of boats (sailing & power) and cruising.  Focus on the waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

*  Marine Graphics BoatName Website
Would you believe 120,000 boat names?  All in a searchable database, many with photos and stories of the corresponding boats.  And if you're in need of lettering for your boat, select the style you want and order it right here!

*  Seven Seas Cruising Association
More than 10,000 cruising enthusiasts (some doing it, some just dreaming) belong to the SSC.  Lots of useful information for members and non-members alike.

"Boat smart from the start. Wear your lifejacket."  Good idea, but you need to have one in order to wear one.  Look no further: one-stop shopping for lifejackets (PFDs) including a wide selection of children's PFDs along with tons of other safety equipment.

*  Hypothermia
Excellent resource site for information about hypothermia and its treatment.

*  BoatEd
Home-study and classroom boating safety courses that meet most state requirements.

*  Steamboaters Web Ring
Steamboats are enjoying a resurgence.  This website provides links to lots of relevant webpages.

*  The Stad Amsterdam Project
Home page for a unique project: the construction of a 19th century clipper.

*  SchoonerMan
A "veritable cornucopia" for anyone interested in tall ships.  If it isn't here, it just plain isn't!

*  DIY Boating Magazine
Excellent, hands-on, practical information about routine maintenance, installing accessories, troubleshooting engines and electrical systems and on and on.

*  International Steamboat Society
Home page for the International Steamboat Society and also Steamboating magazine.  Steamboating magazine provides contemporary information on how to acquire, build, operate, maintain, and enjoy a steam-powered vessel for steamboat owners, builders, and dreamers.

*  Steamboating Website
Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co. not only makes steamboats but also provides all the necessary supplies if you want to make your own.  They also have an extensive selection of books for the aspiring Bogarts among us (you'll have to find your own Hepburn, however).

*  Boat Building
Boat building from B to T -- boatbuilders, equipment, construction materials, design, electrical systems, furnishing and fitting, hardware and sails, kits, mechanical systems, onboard equipment, projects, propulsion, resources and techniques.

*  The Log of the Picton Castle
Follow the Barque Picton Castle as it travels to 40 ports during a 500-day, 35,000-mile world voyage.

*  Canadian Coast Guard
From our neighbors to the north, the Canadian Coast Guard.

*  Canadian Hydrographic Service
The Canadian Hydrographic Service produces the Canadian Marine Navigation Charts and Nautical Publications including Sailing Directions and the Canadian Tide and Current Tables.  Extensive information plus ordering online.

*  Canadian Oceanography Links
Links to dozens of Canadian oceanography websites.

*  K4CJX's WinLink
A unique Internet e-mail system connecting ham radio operators world-wide.  An interesting resource for the travelling amateur radio operator or those who wish to contact one.

*  Great Cardboard Boat Page
Cardboard Boat regatta page.  Information about this offbeat activity as well as photographs and links to related sites.

*  Great Lakes Image Collection
Environmental protection in the Great Lakes.  Includes lots of information as well as beautiful images suitable for online viewing and publishing.

*  By-The-Sea Online Boating Journal
Online boating journal with lots of feature articles and news stories, pages for boat builders, plan and kit providers, boats for sale, instruction, a nautical bookstore and darned near everything else!

*  Great Lighthouse Web Page
A treasure trove of lighthouse information -- a list of lighthouses that offer guest accommodations, graphics, lighthouse organizations and other Web links, a bibliography on lighthouses, and information about lightships and lifesaving stations! Also includes detailed information about Selkirk Lighthouse on Lake Ontario (including dates when guest space is still available) and the surrounding area.

*  Magic Lamp Web Site
Lots and lots of video tapes on boating, navigation, sailing, cruising, and more than 150 electronics videos from the company that pioneered nautical videotapes more than 25 years ago.  Anybody who puts out a videotape titled "Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot" has their priorities in the right order!

*  USGS National Marine and Coastal Geology Program
Coastal and marine environmental quality and preservation, natural hazards and public safety, natural resources, and earth-sciences information and technology.  Includes basics of marine geology, animated coastal motion, Lake Erie shoreline changes, San Francisco Bay faulting, and more -- including a place to ask your questions and get answers from a marine geologist.

*  Sea Chanties
Lyrics to dozens of chanties.

*  Seattle Outboard Association
Information about outboard racing and hydroplane racing including how to get started in boat racing; links to racing sites all over the country.  (Great music too!)

*  United States Power Squadrons
Home page for the Power Squadrons whose reputation as an outstanding boating safety organization is well-deserved.  Includes a diagnostic test of basic boating knowledge, complete information about the Power Squadrons and their programs and objectives, an easy way to locate a squadron near you, and a links to various other boating-related Web sites.

*  Bill Britten's Lighthouse Getaway
Information on lots of specific lighthouses and lighthouses generally.

*  National Shipbuilding Network
Clearinghouse for information on shipbuilding.  Links to government, universities, and other sites.

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U.S. Coast Guard

*  U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
National Auxiliary Web site.  Information about boating safety, Auxiliary classes and boat safety checks, how to join the Auxiliary, and much more.

*  U.S. Coast Guard Webpage
One stop shopping for all kinds of quick and easy information from the US Coast Guard.

*  Coast Guard Recruiting Home Page
A ton of information on the role of the Coast Guard, careers in the Coast Guard, multimedia, screensavers, wallpaper, FAQs, an interactive map to locate the nearest recruiting office.  There's also a form to request more information but it's hard to believe you'd need more information than is here!

*  USCG Office of Boating Safety
This is a treasure trove of safe boating information.  Information on free Vessel Safety Checks (including a neat interactive program that takes you step by step through the required equipment).  Links to dozens of sites offering safe boating courses.  Federal Regulations and the Nav Rules available for downloading; information on recalls (and a place to report safety defects); boating statistics; and links to lots of great boating websites.  Your tax dollars at work, so take advantage of it!

*  Coast Guard Navigation Center
Lots of information on a wide range of topics of interest to boaters including navigation (GPS/DGPS, Loran), Local Notices to Mariners, recreational boating safety information, up-to-date marine communications information, and much more.

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