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Here are some interesting new Web sites that will eventually be moved onto the regular pages here. Check in here often to discover new sites that might interest you (new sites are always added to the top of the list while older sites are removed from the bottom). If you're looking for the "Best Boating" course for Canadian boaters, you're close -- you want http://www.bestboating.ca/


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March 10, 2010

Marine Surveyor and Much More
Wallace Gout's website features good information on buying a boat (including getting a marine survey) and some commercial links.  But there's MUCH more great information here.  All kinds of safety and maintenance sites, dozens of other links on things like knots, lightning, boat handling, USCG safety circulars and legal requirements.  Heading south on the ICW?  Don't leave home without checking this primer for first timers.

Florida By Water
Rusty Gardner has put together one heck of a boating website for those fortunate enough to have access to Florida waters.  It's an online cruising guide for boating in Florida that includes everything you could ask for.  Terrific local information (restaurants, boat ramps, marinas, hotels, camping, daytrips).  And a forum, calendar of events, recipes for tropical drinks, and a blog for up-to-date information on Florida boating.  If only boaters in other parts of the country were so fortunate.  This one is a winner!

Family Voyaging
Chris, Richelle, Grant and Grace Burns were an average family that decided to spend three years cruising from Alaska to New Zealand.  After nearly three years, numerous countries, and 13,000 sea miles in Wind Dancer's wake, their focus is now on their website which is devoted to family cruising based on their experiences.  It includes a daily blog from the entire voyage, interactive passage planning and preparation, their book, and more.  The site is intended to encourage and assist other families in making such a voyage.

Learning About Knots
Boats have a way of wandering off on their own, so the savvy boater knows a bunch of knots to keep the boat in one place.  You might wonder why you should know how to tie a Cow Hitch or a Sheepshank or even a Thief Knot, but there's a reason.  Animations make learning the knots easy.  Remembering to use them is up to you.

Marine Insurance Guide
Marine insurance, like all insurance, has lots of fine print.  It's a good idea to know what you are getting before you need it.  This resource helps to shed some light.

Taylor'd Yacht Charters
Tired of putting around in your pontoon boat?   Looking for something with a bit more elbow room?   How about chartering a yacht in the 100-200' range?   Alaska, the Carribean, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and points in between.   As the saying goes, "If you have to ask....."

Florida's Boating, Fishing and Diving Directory
With apologies to Sammy Cahn and Frank Sinatra, "Florida" and "boating" go together like "love and marriage" or "horse and carriage" (sort of).   This site has links to more than 8,000 sources, most of them related to boating, fishing and diving.   But there are also links to arts and artists, attractions, sightseeing tours, waterfront dining and bars, and waterfront lodging with ratings and reviews.

How to Choose a Life Jacket (PFD)
Life jackets save lives.  This website provides valuable information about choosing a life jacket.  See also the Safe Boating Campaign for more information.  And then WEAR IT!

Offshore Sailing School
Steve and Doris Colgate's eight sailing schools have something for everyone.  Basic learning to sail, cruising (bareboat, live aboard), navigation (coastal, celestial), ocean passage making, racing, women only....it's all available.  Boats provided for instruction but, sorry, you can't take one home!

A sailor's YouTube.  When the weather doesn't cooperate, grab some cocoa (or whatever) and watch these videos of better days.  If you're short on time, you can sail the world in 40 seconds (where's the Dramamine when you really need it?).

Animated Knots by Grog
Sixteen of the most useful knots for boaters are described and displayed.  For those of us who are marlinspike challenged, if you click on a knot you see how it is tied (either fast or slow).  If you're still all tied up in knots, you can step through the animation one step at a time. 

Women in Boating
From the folks at BoatUS, this is a website devoted to getting more women involved in boating.  There are links to boating and fishing courses, seminars and conferences for women, a forum, links to more than 50 other websites of special interest to women and more.

Salty Sailors
Tami Gilliam's sailing website for those who go cruising (or wish they could).  Tips for living aboard, stories from those who have been there, information on half a dozen cruising areas, recipes, and much more.  While you're there, be sure to check out the story "A Brilliantly Dumb Idea"!

The World Windsurf Directory
Links to thousands of windsurfing, kiteboarding, and snowkite websites.  Clubs and associations, equipment, instruction, photo gallery, forums, weather, and more.

State Boating Websites
Links to all the state boating websites where you'll find detailed information on state-specific education and licensing requirements, equipment requirements, and local boating information.


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