Best Paddling and Rowing Web Pages

These are some excellent Web pages that are mostly or entirely devoted to rowing and/or paddleboating (canoeing, kayaking, rafting).  Since these sites will change as their creators add new features, revisit your favorites now and again to see what's new.  And be sure to keep an eye on the "What's New" page here where you'll find new rowing and paddleboating Web pages as they become available.

Best Paddleboating Pages on the Web   Best Paddleboating Pages on the Web
Best Rowing Pages on the Web   Best Rowing Pages on the Web


Best Paddleboating Pages on the Web


*  Canoe Camping
Combine canoeing with camping and you're in a whole new world.  And this website has everything you'd ever want to know: basic camping tips, choosing a canoe, choosing equipment, recipes, videos, gear reviews, canoe trip locations, and much more.  And you get a gazillion miles per gallon of fuel!

*  John Kohnen's Canoe & Kayak Links
Massive list of links to virtually every paddleboating website in existence!

*  Wavelength Paddling Magazine
Online magazine for paddlers and kayakers everywhere.

*  Paddle Trip Exchange Site
As the name says, the site posts paddle trips from all over.  It also includes links to trip reports on other sites.  It is the only site I know of that specializes entirely on paddle trips -- with an emphasis on sea kayaking.  Contributions of trip reports are welcome.

*  Canoe Sailing
American Canoe Association page on canoe sailing -- yes, you can sail a kayak or a canoe!  Check it out!!

*  American Canoe Association
There's something here for everyone interested in paddleboating - whitewater, flatwater, beginner, advanced.

*  canoeTX Web Links
Links to lots of Texas paddleboat sites as well as good sites elsewhere.

*  Yahoo Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting Search Engine
Yahoo search engine for Web sites on canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.

*  On-Water Sports Resources
Good kayaking page with links to equipment sources, manufacturers, associations, clubs, magazines, as well as a message board and chat area.

*  Nick's Kayak Page
One of the best sea kayaking pages is back online with a new URL.  Information about building kayaks, kayak trip reports, and pictures are included.

*  California Kayak Friends
Information about paddlesports events, mailing lists, things to buy, copies of CKF newsletters, and links to other relevant sites on the Web.

*  Galaxy Kayaking, Canoeing and Rafting Page
Small page with links to a dozen other relevant Web pages including discussion groups, directories, college clubs and non-profit organizations.

*  Rafting, Canoeing and Kayaking Information
General information about rafting, canoeing, and kayaking including FAQ, Sea Kayak FAQ, and AWA's River by State database.

*  Canoeing and Kayaking Info
New website devoted to canoeing and kayaking.  Includes classified ads, books, product reviews, information on guides/outfitters/rentals throughout North America, links to other related sites, and an e-mail newsletter.

*  Running A Safe River Trip
Step-by-step guide to planning a safe river trip.

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Best Rowing Pages on the Web

*  John Kohnen's Rowing Links
John Kohnen strikes again with more than 100 links to rowing websites.

*  WWW Rowing Home Page
Excellent rowing Web page from the UK with links to virtually every Internet resource that exists.

*  Galaxy Rowing Page
Small page with links to a handful of other rowing Web pages.

*  Yahoo Rowing Search
Yahoo search engine with links to more than 100 rowing Web sites.

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