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These are some excellent Web pages that are mostly or entirely devoted to sailing.  Since these sites will change as their creators add new features, revisit your favorites now and again to see what's new.  And be sure to keep an eye on the "What's New" page here where you'll find new sailing Web pages as they become available.

Best General Sailing Pages on the Web   Best General Sailing Pages on the Web
Miscellaneous Specialized Internet Sailing Reources   Miscellaneous Specialized Internet Sailing Reources


Best General Sailing Pages on the Web

  US Sailing Training
Free online education.  For sailors (a small boat course, racing introduction, keelboat course and cruising course), powerboaters and windsurfers.  When you're ready, move to on-the-water instruction.  And before you head out for offshore boating, take a Safety At Sea Seminar.

  Sail America
"Ask any sailor and they will tell you that sailing is more than a sport. It's a way of life.  A way of looking at the world.  To be a sailor defines you as independent, capable, confident and in control.  No wonder sailors are known for being passionate about their sport; it's a reflection of who they are."  Wow!!  If that doesn't get your attention, then the opening video will definitely do the job.  And once you've recovered, you'll find all kinds of neat stuff here for everyone regardless of their level of competence (or incompetence).  There's basic instruction, links to sailing schools, chartered vacations, a boat finder, lists of sailboat shows, etc.

Like a kid in a candy store!  This marvelous site is chock full of neat stuff.  More than 1,500 articles covering just about everything imaginable having to do with sailing (and a search engine to make finding articles easy).  "But that's not all."  Boat owner reviews, e-cards, e-mail discussion lists and message boards.  "But that's not all."  Equipment for sale, free web e-mail service, classified ads, and a boating event calendar.  [No free Ginsu knives.] Sailing
Hundreds of links here just for sailors: clubs and organizations and associations, instruction, magazines, rental and sales, catamarans, sails, regional information, wooden boats, one-design, even celestial navigation (in case you sail off into the sunset).

  Cruiser Log
Lists cruiser homepages, yacht positions, free crewfinder, radio nets, a message board and good marine links.

Articles, classifieds and books for the cruising sailor.

The name says it all -- links to gobs of sailing websites of every conceivable kind.

  Live Aboard a Yacht .... & Love it !
Capt. B's award-winning liveaboard page -- stories from one who is doing it right now! If this doesn't convince you, nothing will.

Links to hundreds of Web sites devoted to all aspects of sailing.

  Seahorse Magazine
Sailboat racing.  Also the official magazine of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC).

  Fishmeal's Boating Page
Links to several dozen miscellaneous Web sites. Good information about yacht design along with lots of fun stuff about sailing and sailboat racing.

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Miscellaneous Specialized Internet Sailing Resources

Getting tired of FlightSimulator?  Wish there were something similar for sailing?  Think you could have made it through the "Perfect Storm" in a sailboat?  Wish you had been aboard with Chichester?  You can do all that and more, while sharpening your sailing skills and strategies, all from the comfort of your armchair.  Or sit in the shower and turn on the cold water to add a touch of realism.

That's "SF" as in "San Francisco" and it's all here -- charters, race results, fleets, schools, businesses, charts, links to lots of excellent websites, and a message board.

  Catamaran Sailor Magazine
As you'd expect, everything you ever wanted to know about catamaran sailing is right here -- links to gazillions of relevant webpages (and some not at all relevant, but interesting nonetheless), an open forum, parts and supplies, resorts and training facilities, books and videos, weather, even a crossword puzzle!

  The Oar Club
Betcha you thought this website was about rowing.  Nope.  It's for those sailors who sail without the aid of engines.  If you agree that "An engine is fundamentally incompatible with the goals of sailing," then you've found your home.
No, not cruising felines -- cruising catamarans!  But there's a lot here for other kinds of cruisers too.

  Sailing Terms
Vance Broad's "sailing terms explained for 'lubbers."  You won't believe how many there are!

  Crewing Webpage
Yachting Links Collection's crewing webpage -- everything for the person who is looking for boats on which to crew.

Sailing stories including some great photographs.

  Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories
Unique website that links to the personal webpages of those who are actively engaged in sailing and cruising around the world. Tune in and follow along with the adventures of some intrepid sailors who are out there right now sailing in exotic places.

  The Sailing Information Centre
Excellent resource for sailboat racing -- lots of information for beginners and those racing centerboard boats, but there's good stuff here for the bigger boat racers as well.

  Internet Sailing Website
Ah yes, a veritable cornucopia of sailing information along with hundreds of links to just about everything imaginable that is sailing-related.

  CruisingWorld and SailingWorld
Outstanding sailboat cruising site with a searchable version of the Sailor's Sourcebook (sailboat specifications, charter companies with reader ratings, sailing schools, naval architects and more) as well as weather, sailing events, and lots of message boards related to sailing and cruising.

  UK Sailing Index
Huge set of links to UK sailing and sailing-related Web pages.  Builders, brokers, charters, clubs, maritime history, weather, class associations, events, schools and more.

  Canadian Yachting Magazine
Lots of information on Canadian sailing including reviews of dozens and dozens of sailboats.

  Seascape Sailing
Diane Edwards' page on sailing the Greek Isles and Turkey.  Useful general information, graphics, and chartering options.  If this doesn't bring out the wanderlust, I can't imagine what will!

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